MFT Squirrel – thank you card

The day is sunny and bright outside. Though I’m in no rush for shorter days, my mind is looking forward to less extreme temperatures and warm, comforting foods. Today’s card is a nod to autumn and the mood it brings.

Squirrel (My Favorite Things)

These little squirrels are so cute. Much cuter than the ones in my neighbor’s yard who just take one bite of his mangos and run off! Here, I created their scene by stamping them first, covering with a mask, then stamping a the row of sunflowers. (Fallish Borders by Ink Blot Shop.) This allows the secondary images to appear to be ‘behind’ the first images!

add texture to your colored images by adding dots of color

Whether you are in the mood for mangos in the sun or cooler temps to come, I hope you enjoy your day today and thank you for stopping by my humble little blog.


Thank you for your visit and comment today!

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