The cutting away

The last few months have been an interesting journey of growth and a more focused walk with the LORD. I won’t lie; although I am committed to it and eager for maturing, it has been hard. Probably the most difficult part has been experiencing changes that feel a lot like loss. In a simple way, it reminds me a bit of getting a haircut that is not exactly what you thought you asked for. You emerge looking and feeling different than expected and perhaps even a little confused.

Today, I had the blessing of enjoying lunch with my previous coworkers. It was a nice time of fellowship and delicious food and I was warmly (and genuinely) greeted. My heart was a mix of joy and something a little heavy. Although I feel certain that I was following God’s prompting to leave work, I miss them and also miss being on-mission with them. With that in my mind and heart, I decided to spend some time in the garden when I got home.

I was doing a little weeding around the base of a beautiful Blue Porterweed and noticed that some of the spiraling stems were no longer blooming and brown (as shown above). While trimming them, I realized that these spent stems were growing in the midst of beautiful, healthy stems. I could probably leave them but not only would the plant look better without them, most often plants are healthier for a trim. And that’s when God spoke a confirmation to me.

Cut it off. Even though it’s in a healthy environment. Its time is done.

In my walk with the LORD, it’s always been easier to cut away the things that were not ‘of Him’. Those parts of myself that were not alignment with who He is and who I need to be for Him. This cutting away was harder. A healthy environment… focused on God and working to share Him with others. They’ve had changes lately, but like the Porterweed, are healthy and growing. However, even though it’s good I’m no longer meant to be a part of it. Like the spent stems I trimmed away, He cut me away. Even though I am not spent and have giftings/abilities that could be put to use, He cut me away.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths *straight.

* yashar – right (the correct path)

I must trust. As a believer, He has another role for me to fill and will guide me there. But first, this fresh revelation while doing something simple like weeding is enough to confirm that I am where He wants me for now. If you are going though something similar, let me encourage you – Just ask, He will answer. But know that doing a good work in you may require letting go of some ‘good’ things, too.

Thank you for your visit and comment today!

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