Salt watercolor wash – MFT Sweater Weather on Safari

How good are you at trying new things with your crafting? I had fallen into a little bit of a rut and decided to focus some attention on things I have been meaning to try. One technique on the list was to try creating backgrounds using watercolor paints. I remembered seeing a process where you can sprinkle different elements over the paint while it’s still wet and it will add texture to your image. I decided to give it a try with salt and see what I would get. The result was a ‘cool’ background which paired nicely with this sweater-wearing critter.

Images: MFT Sweater Weather on Safari

For a video showing how this is done, just click here to watch this short video by an actual artist 😉 Once the background was completely dry, I splattered on a bit more of the same colors used to create the background but used less water so the color would remain more vibrant. Once that was try, I heat embossed the sentiment using silver embossing powder so it would stand out well against the background.

While I had my paints out, I decided to stamp this zebra in a light gray ink and paint him in a ‘no line coloring’ style. Once dry, I fussy cut the image then layered it over various die cuts, metal thread and added a few sequins just for fun.

This was a lot of fun to create and I definitely recommend giving the technique a try if you haven’t already. The video states that different salts will give different results so, for the record, I used chunky pink Himalayan salt and really like the almost snowflake appearance it gave. I’ll try finely grinding it next time to see what look that provides.

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