Need a little time to unwind? I recommend stamping an adorable image and losing yourself in coloring. It always works for me 🙂

image: Unwind (Penny Black Stamps)

This adorable bear is just relaxing with his warm cup and remote in hand, leaning back on a pillow. We used to have a chair just like this in a deeper shade of green. Every single family member (or friend who was comfortable with us) would sit sideways in that chair with at least one leg over the arm – just like this bear. My husband and I would just watch when someone came to stay with us to see how long it took for them to take that position. I don’t think anyone ever made it past one day! lol We eventually replaced that furniture but just seeing this comfy bear makes me want to find another chair just like that again…

In case you are wondering about my coloring on the card, I stamped the image with Memento ink in Desert Sand. It’s a nice soft brown; easy to see while you’re coloring but easily hidden by your coloring, providing a ‘no-line’ coloring look. I masked off the image so that I could blend ink in the background and added a little bit of gray shading with C3 Copic marker to the left of his chair. I didn’t keep track of the colors I used to color the image, but if that is the sort of thing you would like to see, please let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to include that info in future posts.

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