Watercolor your own background

Every once in a while, I take stock of the supplies I reorganize based on what I’m using most. This helps me remember what I have (what is hidden is often forgotten) and also helps me keep a check on my spending. Even though I sell and give away supplies every so often, after 15 years of this hobby I have a nice collection. I could probably purchase nothing except for adhesive and card stock for a year or two and still manage to create a variety of cards for everyone I know!

A couple of weeks ago, I went through my supplies again, came to the same realization as always and decided it would be a good idea to shift my craft budget over to learning more about how to use my supplies. I love coloring and reach for Copics first, but I really like the soft look of watercolor, too. (I like it… but am not so good at creating it! Lol) So, I deleted the emails in my inbox showing me a lot of cute images that were calling out to me and instead invested in a class on simple watercolor techniques you can use for Christmas cards. If you’d like to check it out, visit Online Card Classes. (There’s one for non-holiday cards, too.)

Day 5, making plaid patterns

So, I’m not going to show you the disasters that were the first few projects I tried. (I think the drawing gum hates me and my watercolor paper…). But on day 5 of the class, you have a few examples of how to make plaid patterns. This morning, I tried it out with a 1/2” flat brush, a #2 round brush and Lukas watercolor pans. I’ve got a long way to go. There are some obvious “yikes” and some I won’t point out in case you miss them, but overall it was fun creating a pattern to pair with this adorable image from MFT Stamps (Christmas sElfies). I’m looking forward to trying more.

If you would like to give it a try or look into other classes available, I encourage you to visit Online Card Classes here. Another area to explore on the website are chats with some of your favorite crafters and company founders; free to listen to and really neat to hear more about them and their crafting adventures. Enjoy!


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