What to do with small stamps…

If you have any individual or small stamps in your stash, you may come up blank when wondering how to use them. Probably one of the best and easiest ways to use them is to repeat stamp your image, rotating the image a bit as you go. Today I have two cards to share with you using the same layout with just some simple changes to make them more – or less – feminine. Let’s start with the “more” then I’ll show you the less 😉

Stampin' Up! floral image repeat stamping

See that? One floral image with just a little bit of penciled in color. For the focal image & sentiment, I stamped the circle onto colored cardstock for an easy dash of color, then added simple embellishments and the sentiment right over the top. The epoxy dots are so smooth they don’t interfere with mailing. Now here’s the “less” feminine; I switched out the flowers for birds and only added the tiniest amount of color under their wings.

birthday card for men

The best thing about a simple design, aside from stretching simple supplies further, is that they didn’t take a long time to make. Making multiples of cards is not my superpower, so when I am going to make a batch they need to be simple and easily replicated or it’s just not fun. (And stamping should be fun!!) With these, I was able to change out the colored cardstock, fussy cut a few feathers and then quickly stamp and trim out a sentiment banner. Easy, peasy, mac-n-cheesy!

And just like that I’ve got 8 cards to send to some of my favorite people! I hope you find this idea helpful and I really appreciate your visit. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions about stamping. I’m happy to help!

Thank you for your visit and comment today!

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