Postcard Pals and saving your embossing paste

IMG_9648 Hi crafters! I read an interesting chat recently regarding embossing paste. Did you know that you should store it in a plastic bag? I didn’t (either)… As a result, even though my tub of paste was only a few months old, I opened it up to find a dry mix – something like toothpaste left on the sink. Sadness!

Fortunately, one of the contributors in a forum suggested adding a bit of  purified water to the jar and mixing it into the paste as well as possible. I followed her advice and used a fork to start the blending process. I then closed the jar and set it aside.

I didn’t have the opportunity to craft for over a week, so I’m not sure if time made a difference, but when I opened the jar I found that the paste was creamy again. It mixed easily with a bit of ink (smashed onto my work surface) to add color.

The only difference I noticed was that it wasn’t quite as “fluffy” as before. However it spread over the stencil nicely and filled in the design beautifully. It was also easier to clean off the palette and stencil; a welcome difference!

postcard pals
image: Postcard Pals (Stampin’ Up!)

The stencilled design dried while I stamped and colored in this adorable platypus image and fussy cut around him to add him to the scene. He looks like he’s offering a hug so I chose the “for you” die cut, leaving it open to use for any occasion.

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  1. Adriana I have some Stampin Up embossing paste and was going to use it the other day and it was dried out (sadness)! I found your blog tonight and I am over the moon excited to try this. I was wondering how long did it stay moist? This post is older, are you still involved with Stampin Up?


    • It stayed moist for at least a month more. It may have lasted longer than that but I challenged myself to use it a lot since I was afraid I would forget about it and it would dry out again. Definitely keep your container in a plastic baggie between uses. 😊Yes, I am still involved with Stampin’ Up! I’ve just had my 15th anniversary 🙂


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