Family Circus

A few months ago, Hero Arts released a carnival themed stamp set in a kit that immediately caught my attention and imagination. See, I’ve had this Sassy Family stamp set from Technique Tuesday that was just begging for some images to go with it.

tech tues sassy family
Technique Tuesday “Sassy Family”


Our family is one tent away from a full blown circus.”

I’ve had enough real conversations with people to know that this probably relates to most famillies. I feel certain I could send this to just about anyone in mine to get a laugh and a nod of acknowledgement out of them. We all know there are lots of personalities in our tribe and there is so much going on at any given time.  Creatively speaking, the ups and downs of the carnival rides shown here could easily describe life in general; then add in the food, sounds and color that help fill the senses. Fun, laughter and a bit of craziness all rolled into one… kinda like a family reunion 😉

family circus


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