Creative blank

Some days, creativity just flies out the window. I blame it on too much rain this summer. This chick is solar powered!

So, what’s a card-maker to do when everything seems destined for the trash can? Pull out those catalogs and saved pinterest boards and just make something simple! This card is based on a sample in a Stampin’ Up! catalog. While I had the stamps out, I went ahead and made a colorful coordinating envelope so it will be ready when it’s time to mail this card. Enjoy!

creative blank.png
Stamp Set: Thoughtful Banners



      • It took me a while to figure out this blog is yours! Lovely cards. And just fyi, I couldn’t find your name anywhere on your blog. (I googled your name + “cards” after you replied back to me just in case it was yours!) And thank you for the reply.


      • Ok, thanks again. I’m still working on learning this platform and finding a page design that “fits”. Still have some tweaking to do. 🌺


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