Are you stretching?

Adulting is hard. Don’t let anyone tell you differently…

I was about to get all serious and share life stuff, but you know what? You’ve probably got a lot of life stuff happening right now and know exactly what I’m talking about. So instead, how about I just encourage you: keep your wheels spinning by challenging yourself in a way that will stretch you creatively, help you see some progress in your life and won’t hurt 😉

Last week, I took a watercolor for card making class at Online Card Classes. I’ve been working at my own pace, filling up the recycling bin (sometimes stretching involves making mistakes) and picking up some things along the way. Like my need to be a little more patient – walk away woman! The card above was one that survived the reject pile of exercises from the first day. I’m hoping it will be a nice surprise for someone special.

Thanks for stopping by! And if you are going through something right now, take a deep breath, ask God for guidance and take a little stretch…


    • Yes – it’s the first lesson in the class. It’s really just a matter of spaces plus mixing think/thicker lines.


  1. Adriana, my Florida compadre! Que linda! This is just beautiful – it caught my eye in the gallery (ha, before Gallery Gazers!) and it’s amazingly done – be proud!


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