Thank goodness for men who grill

I’ve just spent a good portion of the weekend in my craftroom thanks to SplitcoastStampers and the generosity of my man. SCS hosted a Virtual Stamp Night where projects get posted every hour for 6 hours on Friday night and another 11 hours on Saturday. I didn’t realize I could make a card in an hour, much less repeat that several times. Some are meh, but some are actually pretty good! lol But it was only possible because my honey and sons were willing to fend for themselves food wise (i.e., eat the leftovers I prepared for this) and also grill for dinner on Sunday while I was tackling the last few challenges.

I encourage you to check out the gallery at SplitcoastStampers. But in the meantime, here are just a few of the cards I created. I would show you the steak and fresh veggies we had for dinner but no one took the time to photograph those; we didn’t even think about it until the last morsel had been consumed.


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