What is artsy, anyway?

“I didn’t think you were artsy…?”

“Huh… aside from music, I didn’t think I was either.”

It’s still funny to remember the interesting look on my aunt’s face and how she kept glancing at me suspiciously. (If you are wondering, she liked the cards I had just given her.) Although I still have a hard time considering myself artsy, I truly enjoy the process of creating and love sharing the results with others. And here’s some truth: a layer of doubt fell off after visiting the Tate Modern in London this April. Walking around the museum and reading the placards made me consider that my concept of art was simply too narrowly defined.

One of the things I’m playing with these days is watercolor. I still can’t draw to save my life, so a technique worth learning is adding color to heat embossed images. The embossed lines help channel the color but continue to remain a part of the image, as well. You can find out more about the technique here.

SSSV flowers
Beautiful Flowers (Simon Says Stamp), Wonderfully Made (Verve)

I haven’t decided whether or not to make this into a card. Maybe I’ll just slip it in someone’s Bible to give them a reminder of the artwork they are.

SSSV flowers closeup

One final thought, also shared at the Tate:

“I thought art was a verb, not a noun.” Yoko Ono

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